The growth of business in Libya

How AlSahl Group Holding is Investing in Libya?

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, Libya has enjoyed a “favorable trade balance” since 1963, reflecting a healthy difference in value between imports and exports of goods and services. Today, the country’s evolving socio-political scene promises an even greater economic boom, and thanks to Libya’s business sector contributing to this development, vital, high-quality goods and services have become more accessible. 

AlSahl Group Holding (AGH) has been part of Libya’s growing economy since its creation in 1950. Responding to the changing demands of Libyan markets and consumers, AlSahl Group Holding invests in the development of Libya by addressing the needs of five major sectors, including industry, health, construction and real estate, and agriculture. 

This article covers the main areas that AlSahl Group Holding is striving to improve as a business in Libya and  a Libyan investment and development company.

Manufacturing and Distribution of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods ( FMCG) 

While imports are an important part of Al Sahl’s business to ensure the presence of international brands in the Libyan market, manufacturing and distribution are also of great interest to the group’s local brands, with 34 production factories dedicated to these activities. 

The FMCG’s that we make sure to provide Libya with include : 

      • Poultry meat : handling 12.000 chicken / hour. 

      • Rice and Sugar production.

      • Infant products such as Diapers and Tissue Paper. 

    The production of daily consumer goods that Libyans need and demand on a daily basis is aimed at providing good quality, locally produced, accessible and affordable commodities.

    Importing Automobiles 

    The Observatory of Economic Complexity declared that in 2020, “Libya imported $405M in Cars, becoming the 82nd largest importer of Cars in the world.” AlSahl Group Holding is one of these contributors and aims to be a major one . 

    Our international partners include : 

        • Rehab Auto : imports Ram, GWM Haval, GWM Poer, Wingle…

        • Med Auto : imports Fiat and Jeep 

      Importing and distributing cars along with spare parts has become essential to our business in Libya to provide premium quality cars to enable libyans to freely and comfortably move around hence enhancing their daily life. 

      Investing in Agribusiness 

      AlSahl Group Holding also focuses on supporting Libyan and regional farmers by investing in agribusiness as it’s the first sector in which the group has made its mark. Given the growing importance of agriculture in the Libyan economy, we have dedicated 5 main brands whose activities include: 

          • Grains importation and distribution 

          • Fertilizers and seeds distribution 

          • Animal feed production and distribution

          • Poultry production 

        With a 40% market share in the animal feed sector, an annual production capacity of more than 585,000 tons and a contribution to the supply of essential agricultural products to farmers, our ultimate goal is to create a support system for agriculture in Libya. This contribution will have a direct impact on crop production and sustain the livestock sector. 

        AlSahl’s contribution as a business in Libya is to support and maintain the country’s economic balance. Our role is to produce locally manufactured brands, distribute essential products to Libyans, invest in Libya’s agriculture through producing and distributing agri products, and, as a result, contributing to Libya’s prosperity. 


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