An unparalleled ecosystem of market-leading agriproducts brands supporting agriculture in Libya

As a foundational company in the historical development of the Libyan agriculture sector, AlSahl Group is today Libya’s largest grain, seeds, and fertilizer importer/distributor and the country’s largest animal feed producer/distributor: We also built Libya’s largest poultry value-chain. 


Our brands are the standard bearers for regional and Libyan agriculture sectors

Animal Feed Production

Poultry Breeding

Food Cultivation

Fertilizer Production

Agri-products Importation/Distribution


Frequently Asked Questions

AlSahl Group has been foundational to the Libyan Agribusiness sector since the late 50s following the end of the 2nd World War.  Apart from being the first indigenous producer of cereals (wheat and barley) and cooking oil, the Group has blazed many new trails in the sector over the years. Today,  5 major brands operate in the agribusiness sector and their activities include: animal feed, agricultural investments, poultry farming and more.

Today, AlSahl Group controls a sizable portion of the importation/distribution of agricultural products such as grains, seeds, and fertilizer in Libya. 

The Group is Libya’s largest animal feed producer/distributor. We are the standard-bearers Libyan (and to a growing extent) African regional farmers have come to depend on. Our goal is to support Agriculture in Libya that will consequently ensure food security for Libyans. 

The Group has built Libya’s largest poultry value-chain that stretches from state-of-the-art hatcheries to international-standard meat-producing factories. Our products satisfy the needs of both farmers and retail consumers.

AlSahl Group is single-mindedly focused on improving the Quality of Life for Libyans and for consumers in the regional markets we serve. This commitment is articulated in our ASG Vision Transformation.

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