Alsahl Group, a Dominant Force in Libya Healthcare Sector

AlSahl Group’s is one of Libya’s leading importer of medicines, medical equipment, personal care products (including cosmetics), and infant nutrition products. We are additionally establishing an ever-expanding presence in the manufacturing of infant and female hygiene products.

Companies Active in The Libyan Healthcare Sector

Our Activities Include The Importation & Distribution Of:


Medical Equipment

Personal Care

Infant Nutrition

AlSahl Group's Healthcare Brands

Frequently Asked Questions

Via our subsidiary, Ghalia Pharmaceutical Group and its seven active companies, the Group is a leading importer, producer, and distributor in Libya’s healthcare sector.

Among the Group’s 456+ SKUs, are a wide range of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and infant nutrition imports catering to the needs of Libya’s vast healthcare infrastructure. We are also a leading importer/producer of personal care products for adults and infants.

Our products target the needs of Libya’s healthcare professionals and medical institutions, as well as those of retail consumers via pharmacies.

Our products originate from leading international manufacturers and from our own international standard, state-of-the-art factories in Libya.

More About AlSahl Group's Contribution to The Healthcare Sector

AlSahl Group is single-mindedly focused on improving the Quality of Life for Libyans and for consumers in the regional markets we serve. This commitment is articulated in our ASG Vision Transformation.

Head Office: Al-Ghiran, Tripoli-Libya
PO Box 89086

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