Agribusiness In Libya : 3 Ways it Impacts Libyan Society

Agribusiness In Libya

Agriculture-related commercial activities are growing to meet the needs of the agricultural sector. In this article, we will explore the impact of agribusiness in Libya, both on farmers and consumers, as well as the role AlSahl Group holding plays as a major stakeholder in agribusiness. 

What is Agribusiness ?

The term agribusiness refers to any natural resource-related activity that takes place in the production and cultivation of food and beverages. Some examples of agribusinesses are farm equipment manufacturers, food distributors, and pesticide, fertilizer, and animal feed producers. 

The Importance of Agribusiness in Libya 

Agribusiness uses innovative food production technologies and improved farming techniques to make farms more productive and efficient. It supports the development of agriculture and, therefore, could improve economic growth. As agriculture in Libya begins to regain control of crop production and cope with environmental challenges, agribusiness is stepping in to provide significant support. 

  1. Improving Food Security Systems 

By finding innovative approaches to growing food, the various actors of agribusiness in Libya are directly ensuring the physical availability of food, economic access to food, and food stability, all of which fall under the umbrella term “food security” according to the World Bank. 

AlSahl Group Holding is constantly contributing to the growth of agriculture in Libya. Importing and distributing high quality grains, seeds and fertilizers has enabled the group to support farmers, ensure good crops and improve agricultural productivity. 

  1. Lowering Food Costs 

The agribusiness sector in Libya also plays a role in increasing crop yields (agricultural output) and livestock production, resulting in lower food prices for end consumers. AlSahl’s contribution is noticeable through 2 companies specializing in Poultry farming and breeding with production capacity of 82 million chicks per year. 

  1. Reducing Poverty

AlSahl Group Holding operates in agribusiness through 5 companies with different roles, from farming and cultivation, livestock breeding to distribution of seeds, fertilizers, wheat and barley. The group’s efforts are not only to help farmers increase their productions and provide affordable consumable goods, but also to provide employment opportunities for specialists and non-specialists in the agricultural field in Libya. Furthermore, According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), agribusinesses are “often the main source of off-farm employment in rural areas” and have “positive effects on poverty reduction”. 

AlSahl Group Holding’s core mission is to support various industries in Libya, including agriculture. By establishing companies that focus on agriculture-related activities, the group aims to indirectly increase Libya’s agricultural production and provide farmers with high quality seeds, grains, and animal feed. We also strive to create off-farm workplaces and contribute to the reduction of food costs for Libyans.



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