Al Mahdi Gadad Founder of AlSahl Group


Mr. Al Mahdi Gadad

Since the end of the 1950s, we have committed to developing AlSahl Group as a catalyst for the transformation of Libya.

At a time when Libya still suffered from the destructive effects of World War II, our commitment to its transformation was articulated via our pioneering initial investments in the agricultural products sector, a key pillar of Libya’s food security.

Anchored by our transformative vision, and driven by a culture defined by world-class professionalism, the Group further diversified its activities, and is today present in five (5) sectors of vital importance to Libya’s economic competitiveness and to the improvement of its citizens’ standard-of-living.

From our inception, we have invested in uncompromising quality and service excellence as our currency for gaining the trust and confidence of consumers in Libya and beyond.

Our Values

We hold these values central in the fulfilment of our mission and vision


Dedicated & Resolute. We are single-minded in our customer focus!


Responsibility and trust toward our clients. We deliver on our promises!


Comprehensive cooperation to reach the target. We build synergies together!


The transformation and innovation of Market leadership. We are market-makers!


Uncompromisingly premium. We constantly raise the bar!



We constantly listen to and engage with our customers to gain a more focused understanding of their wants and needs, converting this knowledge into business intelligence used to improve our products, services and procurement practices.


We continuously invest in capacity-building initiatives throughout Libya to both meet our customer commitments and maintain our market-leading positions. One of these initiatives is our state-of-the-art Sidi Sayeh Industrial Complex currently under construction, with some of the factories now active and producing.


We maintain our commitment to world-class products/service delivery by training and challenging our employees at every level of the organization to take ownership of the consumer experience.

Group Accomplishments

Our main activities are investing, producing, importing, marketing and distributing products & services across 5 business sectors to businesses serving our target consumers or directly to retail consumers.

Unparalleled local and regional market access

with the expertise and experience needed to convert opportunity to shareholder value.

World-class products and services portfolios

based on a Swiss-inspired development philosophy and supported by leading international partners.

Unparallel Business Synergies

driven by multi-sector activities. We are active both down/upstream.

Best-in-class human capital

and a nurturing corporate culture that encourages creativity, responsibility, and ownership for the overall success of the Group and its partners.

Internationally-accepted management practices

and world-class commercial operations aligned with success while mitigating risks.

Committed funding partners

focused on the Group’s long-term success.

Sector-leading Business Intelligence

that proactively identifies the trends that will drive value-creation in support of the Group’s Transformative Vision.


Production Facilities: State-of-the-art.

Excellent Distribution Networks

with built crisis-resistant redundancies.

Board Of Directors

Chairman dr. abdulmagid Gadad
Dr. Abdulmagid Gadad


Mr. Marwan Gadad
Mr. Marwan Gadad
Mr Andrea Carreiro
Mr Andrea Carreiro
Mr. Martin Siller
Mr. Natheir Nasrawin
Mr. Natheir Nasrawin
Mr. Tarek Gadad
Mr. Tarek Gadad
Dr. Naser Gadad
Dr. Naser Gadad

AlSahl Group is single-mindedly focused on improving the Quality of Life for Libyans and for consumers in the regional markets we serve. This commitment is articulated in our ASG Vision Transformation.

Head Office: Al-Ghiran, Tripoli-Libya
PO Box 89086

+218 21 48708 33

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