We are one of the most innovative construction companies in Libya

AlSahl Group is committed to the realization of a world-class infrastructure that will position Libya as a 21st Century business and leisure destination. AlSahl Group manufactures a growing list of construction materials, while serving as an importer-of-choice for several leading international brands active in a variety of infrastructure equipment, technology, and materials needs vital to the development of the Group’s own world-class manufacturing industrial complexes and to the buildup of Libya’s manufacturing and infrastructure competitiveness.

Companies Active in The Construction And Real Estate Sector

Our Activities Include Investment & Development of:

Real Estate

Building Materials

Construction Materials

Frequently Asked Questions

The Group has a long history of advancing Libya’s infrastructure competitiveness via its multi-decade long investment in and development of its own industrial infrastructure.

AlSahl Group offers Libya a full complement of construction products and services. On the services side, we develop turnkey projects covering planning, construction management, construction, and aftercare maintenance services. On the products side, we are one of Libya’s fastest growing construction materials producer and importer.

AlSahl Group is an active investor/developer in Libya’s commercial and residential real estate sectors.

In addition to our ongoing integrated manufacturing complex developments, we have implemented over 32 projects in the past 8 years. Developed facilities include residential complexes, auto showrooms, pharmacies and other retail facilities, and agri-processing/storage facilities.

More About AlSahl Group's Contribution to The Construction And Real Estate Sector

AlSahl Group is single-mindedly focused on improving the Quality of Life for Libyans and for consumers in the regional markets we serve. This commitment is articulated in our ASG Vision Transformation.

Head Office: Al-Ghiran, Tripoli-Libya
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