The Dedication of the AlSahl Group to Libyan Healthcare Equity

A Libyan doctor with a stethoscope representing Libyan Healthcare
We at AlSahl Group Holding are dedicating our resources to improving the Libyan healthcare sector for all.

We at AlSahl Group Holding are dedicating our resources to improving the Libyan healthcare sector for all. 

We have the resources to ensure that our products, services, and research enable everyone to reach optimal health. By pooling our technological strengths and working with emerging and established leaders in a wide range of disciplines, we hope to speed up progress toward health equity.

Working together, we can make a difference in Libyan people’s and populations’ health.

So how is AlSahl Group Holding tackling Libyan Healthcare Needs? 

Tackling Libyan Healthcare Needs 

We are committed to improving the health of as many people as possible throughout Libya, and our size gives us a unique vantage point from which to do so.

Healthcare has advanced globally, but there are still significant gaps in the Libyan healthcare system.

The severe inequity in access to care has been exacerbated by the recent COVID-19 pandemic, making it imperative that new, innovative strategies be implemented immediately.

We put the health and happiness of the Libyan people at the center of everything we do, and we measure our success by the number of lives we’ve positively impacted through our extensive portfolio of healthcare-related companies and brands.

We combine world-class research and development, regional strategy and external affairs capabilities, and local implementation and impact teams.

We are a team of pioneers dedicated to bringing meaningful and transformative products to market in spaces where they can have the most significant impact.

Active in Various Libyan Healthcare Activities

Medicines, medical equipment, personal care products (including cosmetics), and infant nutrition products are just some of the many goods AlSahl Group imports and distribute in Libya. 

It also rapidly contributes to producing items like diapers and feminine hygiene products.

Some of the activities include but are not limited to

  • Personal care and cosmetic products
  • Infant nutrition and pediatric care products
  • Pharmaceutical supplies
  • Medical Equipment supplies
A Libyan doctor checking a medical device representing Libyan Healthcare

How We Ensure All Libyans Have Access to Quality Health Care

Taking into account and valuing the opinions of the Libyan people

For the benefit of patients and healthcare systems, we actively seek out patient feedback and listen to their views at every stage of our development and commercialization processes. To better help healthcare professionals encourage the correct use of our products with their patients, we are working to provide information that is both timely and accurate, and easy to understand.

Increasing the availability of our medical supplies

To ensure that people who need medicine can get it, we collaborate with patients and other groups like governments, doctors, and pharmaceutical manufacturers. 

All of our medicinal supplies have access strategies implemented based on three tenets:

  • Meeting the needs of the Libyan population through R&D.
  • Reducing the cost of our medicines.
  • Bolstering healthcare delivery networks.

Investing in Research, Development, And Quality

The mission of AlSahl Group Holding is to find ways to enhance and extend the lives of the people of Libya. 

Our commitment to using scientifically-based innovation to tackle some of the nation’s most challenging healthcare issues is backed up by our substantial investment in R&D.

Learn more about AlSahl Group’s healthcare-related companies and brands.



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