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The opening ceremony of one of the largest industrial complexes in Africa and the largest industrial complex in Libya: “Al-Sayah Industrial Complex” | AlSahl Group Holding

Today, Monday, March 20, 2023, Libya witnessed a historical economic moment that put our beloved homeland among the leading countries for the development of the national and regional economy, by opening Al-Sayah Industrial Complex. The complex includes more than 10 factories fully equipped with the latest technologies that lead the production processes for national brands with international quality. This economic edifice helps achieving the objectives of the group concerned with equipping economic infrastructure with international standards across all factories, namely:

▪ Pasta Factory
▪ Couscous and rice factory
▪ Flour factory
▪ Diaper Factory
▪ Oil Bottling Factory
▪ Cake factory
▪ Feed factory
▪Cake Factory
▪ Feed factory.

Prime Minister Abdulhamid Al-Dabbia opened the complex, accompanied by ministers of Economy and Trade, Industry, Minerals and Transportation, the President of the Federation of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, the President of the Libyan Federation of Industry, and several Libyan businessmen.

The ceremony opened with the national brass band with Libyan and froeign press’ coverage as well as a number of promenient figures.

The honourable guests enjoyed a tour around the factories to get acquianted with their fully automated systems, and be introduced to all the famous brands across all sectors.

The honourable guests praised the tremendous efforts of the group in order to enable integration with the relevant government agencies and the private sector in the reconstruction journey of Libya.

Their excellencies also admired SGH’s work on the sustainability necessary for growth and prosperity, which requires industrial integration that supports construction, encourages partnerships between the public and private sectors at home and abroad, and opens horizons for cooperation and exchange of economic benefits.

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