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Prominent figures visits AlSahl Group Holding’s at the International Food Sho Africa IFSA | Tuesday, June 20, 2023

The group’s pavilion witnessed a great turnout of a number of regional and international prominent figures, headed by His Excellency the Minister of Trade and Industry of Tunisia, His Excellency the Commercial Attaché of the Turkish Embassy in Tunisia, in addition to His Excellency the Director General of the Export Development Center in Libya, and the Deputy Director General of the Tunisian Export Development Center, as well as a number of investors from several African countries. The honorable visitors praised the group’s leading role in introducing the Libyan industry, supporting national production, and opening ways of cooperation in Africa as well as its effective efforts to build bridges for economic transit between countries.

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AlSahl Group is single-mindedly focused on improving the Quality of Life for Libyans and for consumers in the regional markets we serve. This commitment is articulated in our ASG Vision Transformation.

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