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  • AlSahl Group (SG) is a group of Libyan companies specializes in feed, food, construction industry also providing logistic services such as oil feels services and maritime handling and logistics.

    (SG) is based in Janzour –west of Tripoli-, Libya. It was formed in 2004 by a qualified management team. (SG) has 500 staff working in the group’s different sectors.

    The Company specialized in all types of animal feed and achieved a national market share of %35 from the total country production and ventured into other industrial fields such as food for humans, food oils purification, flour, rice and others. To meet this expansion “Al Sahel Al Akhdar for Mills and Animal Feed , capital was raised to meet future investments in this sector. The group follows a strategy that aims to expand into businesses that complement the group’s main activities, benefiting from current marketing effort at a marginal additional cost.

    AlSahl Group is a trusted product among a wide and varied collection of food stuffs in the Libyan market. Our success is a product of a decade of experience in industrial business and a desire to open new horizons for our clients. We work together with clients as tactical and strategic partners relying on food professional knowledge in order to initiate and apply innovative and specialized food solutions that meet the anticipated needs of clients.

    AlSahl Group covers four sectors: Animal & Chicken Feed, Food Industries, Real Estate and logistics Services under well known and international trusted brands. The Group innovations focus on healthy and reasonable responding to consumers’ preferences and social development. Widening our knowledge of the food industries sector, create a solid base for future growth of our brands and market in various geographical areas in Libya and in external markets in the future.

  • The model most suited to achieve SG requirements and vision and ensure its growth is “The Effective Management Company”, this model specifies the main activities and support functions and responsibilities within the company.



  • We are proud of introducing Al Sahl Group (SG) as one of the multinational groups in Libya and in North Africa since 2004. SG is one of the biggest industrial group and has the largest client spread all across the nation and nearby countries. It has been successful in providing efficient services in food, non-food, retail and constructions businesses including building housing villages, resort and social recreation.

    Having completed the re-structuring of the group, SG now comprises of eighteen (18) companies nationwide and become share holder in many commercial banks in Libya, and a share holder in an investment company in Amman, Jordan (ELEIT of Financial Services).

    The following is brief information about the various member of the SG:

    Sahel Al Akhdar for Flour Mill and Feed consist of: Three feed factories with total production capacity of 77 tons/hour with a market share of 40%. The first flour mill currently in operation with capacity of 600 tons/day and two mills is under construction for capacity of 1200 tons/day. Semolina line with capacity of 300 tons/day. Pasta production consists of two lines long & short with production capacity of 6 tons/hr and 4 tons/hr respectively.

    Al Baraka for Food Industry consists of two factories the first one with two production lines for Cake & Biscuit with a capacity of 1.2 tons/day of biscuit which still under construction & 150,000 pieces/day of cake. The second factory  for Vegetable Oil Refinery & Filling which produce four (4) types of vegetable oils  corn, soya, sunflower and extra virgin olive oils with two (2) production lines and capacity of 480 tons/day.

    Al Baraka Al Wafera for Food Industry supplies the finest raw rice and produces the premium white rice with four (4) factories located in different location in Libya.  The first two (2) factories produce 7Tons/hour each; whereas the other 2 factories produce 14 tons/hour.

    Al Mamoura Poultry has two hatcheries. In Tripoli, Green Hatchery produce 11 million hatching eggs per year and Benghazi Hatchery (Chick House Hatchery) produce 34 million broiler eggs and has dozens of broiler layer houses also owns slaughter houses capacity of 600/hour. Al Mamoura imports livestock for the local market.

    Azzad Attayb for Flour & Products Manufacturing with production capacity of wheat flour 750 tons/day.

    Food House for Food Importation & Distribution is the sole agent for several well-known brands such as infant milk, food stuff.  Include extensive space for cold storage supported with large fleet of distribution facilities such as vehicles and trucks.

    Al Watan for Construction Investment has two (2) production lines of bricks; first line production capacity is 800 tons/day while second line production capacity is 1000 tons/day. Also, Al Watan operates a Concrete Mixing Centre.

    Al Watan entered a joint venture along with some banking institution and insurance companies to build resorts, villages apartment and high-rise buildings in Libya. Currently, Al Watan enters joint ventures with Anneser Cement Company to acquire 79% of share.

    SG is a business partner with the major banks in Libya such as Sahara Bank (BNP Paribas Group), Al Jomhouria National Commercial Bank, Al Aman Bank (Spirito Santa s.a.), United Bank for Commerce and Investment a part of Ahli United Bank, Bank of Commerce and Development; SG deal with some Tunisian Bank, Alubaf International Bank-Tunis, North Africa International Bank.

    Today, there are several projects under construction to be completed by 2014 and 2015. In completion of the undergoing projects, the expected turnover shall increase by 50%.  As we mentioned before, SG grow by 20% over the last five (5) years and increase employments for the local people considerably. 

    SG is an active member of the Libyan Industry Federation and other entities.

    By reviewing the company profiles, brochures, documents, you will be able to find out how we are performing in a diversified food, non-food, retail and construction businesses.


  • Each business unit is responsible to clients for the state of its product but must use Al Sahl Group name and image. 
    Independent identity of the business units within a strong commercial name umbrella.
  • SG will set the standard and monitor the business units’ financial performance and link the business units. 
    Put in place the general framework for the business units investments and agree larger expenditures and collective purchasing of raw materials, equipment and information technology.

Executive Board

  • The Founder Respectful Mahdi Gadad

    The founder, respectful Mahdi Gadad, was born in 1935 at Azizia, near Tripoli, Libya. In 1942, at the very young age of 7, Mr. Mahdi Gadad started his business career, along with his father, Mr. Ibrahim Gadad and his brother Mr. Ali Gadad, in the agriculture business dealing in vegetables, fruits and grains.

    Later, in a following stage, Mr. Mahdi Gadad developed his business style by marketing his products direct to customers by establishing his own outlet.

    In 1950, he and his uncle Mr. Mohammed Gadad interest in business turned to small scale production by establishing an olive oil mill and filtering unit. In 1955, he started crushing the olives’ seeds by using an hammer mill added to the filtering section. This has given a springboard for him and for his generation in the field of  agribusiness.

    His interest swept from olive oils on to the poultry feed business. In 1990, a small feed mill was started to feed the local market by producing and marketing the product to farmers directly.
  • Message from Chairman Abdulmagid Gadad

    "It gives me great pleasure to extend a warm note of greetings and appreciation to all our staff and business partners."

    Al Sahl Group (SG) was found in 2004 as a partnership business. As it grew, it was re-established as a group. The growing need of the end user in the Agri-Business and in consumable products, led the SG to broaden its horizons in the industry of being an environmentally friendly enterprise. After the decision was made by the board of the directors to re-structure the group, today, we are pleased to announce that the group comprise 18 companies under SG.

    SG customers are at the heart of everything we do. We strongly believe that our success is fueld by the satisfaction of our valued customers. Our endeavors to achieve excellence and passion for innovation strongly drive us to maximize achievements. As one of the leaders across the nation, our commitment is to provide superior value to employees, business partners, vendors and shareholders to entwine with our corporate vision to become the leading and trusted local and global player in our business domain.

    "We belive in partnership and anything we do in future will be with key world wide market players."

    We have a history of responsible business conduct and we strongly believe that foods, non-food and retail businesses success is not just about profits measured in numbers but more importantly about how those numbers are achieved. Our corporate strategy reflects our commitment to sustainable business practices and balancing responsibility alongside growth and productivity. Our team has upgraded its technical expertise by aligning with professional teams, introducing new technical knowledge into the production   and food safety measures.

    Today, we have projects under construction to be completed by 2014 and 2015, and we are happy to announce that in the edible oil business a new line has been installed and, is functioning with a full capacity production. On the other hand, our food manufacturing sector has two lines of products; the Biscuit and Cake factories are completed and are expected to go with full capacities of production in the targeted time.

    In completion of the undergoing projects, the expected turnover growth will increase by 50%. As we mentioned before, the group grew by 20% over the past 5 years and created employment for the local people. With our success has come greater responsibility, and hence, our commitment to benefit the stakeholders and therefore, we work focusing on economic improvement and social consistency in the larger interest of the nation.

    I am confident that the SG will make history in the Libyan Agri-Business in the use of new technological development.
    I wish to extend my appreciation and thanks to the Board of Directors, Management Teams, the highly motivated professional Technical Group and staff for our achievement and we recognize that the position of the group in the society brings both opportunities and responsibilities. We are constantly determined to meet not only our customers’ wide-ranging present day needs, but also anticipate their future needs.

    Thank you.
    Abdulmagid Gadad
  • Message from Deputy Chairman Marwan Gadad

    "I would like to thank you and it is my pleasure to work with our staff and business partners."
    Libya particularly is considered to be our focused geographic market where we intend to achieve sustainable long-term growth and maintain leadership position in the market being environmental friendly businesses.
    Al Sahl Group (SG) growth will provide the basis for more investments and value creations to all stakeholders.

    The last few years have brought both challenges and change; we adopted a corporate structure that allows us to be a more competitive business and market player. The ongoing economic and social changes have forced the attention of all our employees to improve performance and positioned us for success in markets we encounter. We’ve made excellent progress, but we have more to do. We will continue to take decisive actions to strengthen and grow our group in a sustainable way. Today, SG is wonderfully reshaped into food, non-food processing entity and retailing.
    We have well motivated and skilful human resource that is the backbone of SG and hence, enables us to achieve our objectives with great distinction and success. Quality of work is our commitment to the client for which we consider proper guidelines to our operational procedures.
    Our business facilities have made us capable of meeting complex challenges with excellence, which will continue in the future.

    "As we instantly navigate these challenges, we will not lose sight of our long-term vision to manage to deliver superior sustainable products to the nation."

    In fact, our senior management teams and board of directors keep working on a new sustainability strategy that potentially increases the number of commitments and targets we intend to reach in the coming five years and also new products and solutions to the market.
    This development is reflected by enlarging the product platform and by introducing creative customized end products to the market. We firmly seek to strike the right balance between profits and principles. We will take courageous stands and we will continue to be active on behalf of issues such as environmental sustainability, equality, assurance and corporate social responsibilities.

    Corporate social responsibility remains high on the agenda of SG. Our contribution to community growth, culture and development is a key driver for ensuring the health and well-being of the people who build this community and those in our group who push forward in that direction. We are determined to scale greater heights by providing product and services that exceed our expectations.

    Finally, I would like to thank each and everyone in SG and look forward to work together, to conquer newer frontiers and achieve greater success in the future.
    Deputy Chairman
    Marwan Gadad
  • Message from CEO Dr. Nasser Gadad

    "First of all, I would like to begin by thanking all of our staff and business partners for their contributions to the success of Al Sahl Group (SG) in achieving our target on a high note of success."
    We continued building on the basics, and became even more focused on the consumers with more innovation and better products, and flawlessly execute bigger and better strategies. We have improved many of our brands’ performances, gained higher market shares in a number of categories, and addressed issues and problems that came our way. Today, many of our efforts have been recognized by many in the nation that SG best practices and more importantly, we witnessed in terms of growing consumer’s demand in our products.
    We know that the strength of a company depends on the strength of its foundation. At our very foundation are our strong brands, our vast range of products, our unrivalled system of research and development, our access to a vast library of best practices from other markets which we can borrow with pride, and above all, our competent and committed employees who fully embrace the strong SG corporate culture.
    "We have maintained a disciplined approach to the cost management through process improvement and simplification in environmental friendly approach."

    Technology and innovation are key priorities for the SG because we understand that they are hub to our customer service. There have been several key milestones achieved in our transformation project including the launch of food, non-food products and retail, which has delivered a significant upgrade in the customer experience through enhanced functionality.

    Reputation is central to sustainable, long-term business success. We have been consistent and vocal in that view, because we recognize that an authentic difference that puts our people and customers first is good for them and good for business. SG continues to lead the industry in offering the best products and services that respond to what our customers tell us as they want, rather than what we tell them they need. We listen to our customer’s as we strived to be a trusted partner. The work we have done to transform the way we do business has put us in lead to achieve future success.
    Today, we have a vision for coming years that enables us to identify and evaluate new possibilities in growth and developments. We also are getting involved in the food, non-food and retail. All these strategies are aimed at maintaining our diversity and increasing our productivity.

    SG has always operated with the aim of contributing to the country’s growing economy by providing essential services to the local industries.

    We have always believed that in order to flourish we need the communities we serve and in which we operate to get on as well: and that over the long term, healthy populations, healthy economies and healthy business performance are casually reinforcing.
    Dr. Nasser Gadad

Corporate Philosophy

  • To be a leading Libyan organization applying up to date management systems to achieve world quality standards and compliance in Libya.

    To be a trusted brand in feed, food and construction industry recognized all over the world with its products, continually expanding with new business partners.  

    Al Sahl Group is the preferred supplier in the eyes of our customers.

    SG to be the choice of partner for all in the business.

  • To be a solution partner adding value to investments of its customers and enhancing its competitive strength and to provide innovated products of high quality to our customers, which meet their needs and exceed their expectations, in line with the latest development in national and international markets.

    To play a major role in the development of the country’s economy.

    To be a leading member in the list of continually growing and developing Libyan companies and top such list.

    To realize a considerable presence in world markets and insist on generating the good will and be the first partner of choice.

  • Innovation, reliability, customer-orientation, solution-orientation sensitivity towards the environment and humanity, planning and building ability quickly, a maximizing team spirit.
    All in the Group will ensure full attention to leave a strong impression of an outstanding caring and disciplined organisation through:
    • Keeping high the Group’s reputation and values
    • A unified Group theme image and identity
    • Common applied policy of caring after sale service
    • Customary reliability of delivery of the product by all
    • Testing of products and guarantees
    • Assured quality at all times
    • To obtain local market greatest possible share
    • SG vision is determined to meet not only our customers’ wide-ranging present day needs, but also to anticipate their future.
    • To compete internationally by entering other international and regional markets
    • To maximize positive results to benefit stakeholders.
    • To be a major partner in the world of business and finance.
    • The group seeks to elevate the level of proficiency and contribute to develop human resources individual expertise and talent through recurrent training.
    • Strengthening team spirit and the provision of appropriate and successful corporate working environment.
    • Worker corporate uniform identity and appearence.
    • Developing work systems, applying modern managing tools and methods
    • Strict compliance with total quality management procedures
    • Total reliance on Information Technology systems (IT)
    • Driving the Group towards the Growth & Developments
    • Applying environment, health and safety rules.
    • Raising environmental awareness among staff.
    • Limit incidents and environment complaints.
    • Regulating materials use.
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  • 2014


  • AlSahl Group (SG) believes in the need to apply the principles of safety & security in all its activities to ensure the provision of the necessary atmosphere for the implementation of all its work safely.
    SG and its subsidiaries are committed to contribute efficiently to remove the work risks to prevent accidents, injuries and occupational hazards.
    SG follows local laws and the International Standard ISO 9001(Quality management system) & ISO 18001OHSAS (occupational health and safety Assessment series) inorder to accomplish the customer’s needs with high efficiency.
    SG is adopting the development and implementation of these policies through continuous training to make sure that all employees are committed to these policies.
    We firmly believe that security, occupational health and safety should go hand in hand with the quality assurance of the products and services we provide to our customers.  These elements produce sustainability of our business.
    SG is reviewing security procedures, occupational health and safety on a regular basis to ensure the effectiveness of all policies.
  • SG is committed  to care for and protect the environment in which it operates in .SG is also committed to improving environmental performance across all of its business activities and will encourage its business partners and members of the wider community to join in this effort.

    SG identifies the main aspects of concern in order to be in the areas of:

    1. Energy use
    2. Raw material use
    3. Good waste management
    4. Emissions to air/water
    5. Water use
    6. Transport
    7. Procurement
    SG strives to:
    • Adopt the highest environmental standards in all areas of operation to meet and exceed all relevant legislative requirements.
    • Assess all the organization activities and identify areas where the impacts could be minimized.
    • Minimize waste through careful and efficient use of all materials and energy
    • Purchase & use sustainable products whenever is  feasible always considering  low environmental impact materials such as energy from renewable sources.
    • Publicize our environmental polices & standard to the public.
    • Train employees in environmental practices and encourage their involvement in all environmental actions to reduce risks on health and exposure to safety hazards. Adapt polices of environmental practices to safeguard the vicinity of operations.
    • Aim to include environmental ethical laws & practices  decisions where appropriate.
    • Assist in developing the environmental awareness.
    • Continual assessment to the environmental impact of all its operations.
    • A Series of action plans to supplement its environmental policy objectives these actions are part of SG quality assurance manual.
    • Periodical review of its environmental performance and publish the result in an appropriate manner. 


  • Quality Certificates

    Al Sahl Company, EN ISO 9001-2008 Year of award 2009.

    Al Baraka, EN ISO 9001-2008 Year of award 2009.

    Al Sahl Company, Al Baraka, Azzad Attayeb,

    EN ISO 2200-2005 Year of award 2012.

     OHSAS 18001Security and Indasturial Safety,

    ISO 14001 Environment.

  • sahel 9001
  • sahel 14001
  • sahel 18001
  • sahel 22000
  • albaraka 14001
  • albaraka 18001
  • albaraka 22000
  • elzad 14001
  • elzad 18001
  • elzad 22000

Human Resources

We believe that a good organization succeeds with its people.
We offer various opportunities for talented individuals who are keen to join a motivated, friendly, and diverse working environment.

  • To apply for various vacancies in SG please send your CV to the Human Resource Department as indicated below.
    The job vacancies list will be published and updated as necessarily.

Online Catalogue

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