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  • Recently, Al Sahl Group entered into a contract with Ernst & Young (a multinational professional services firm) to engage in SG auditing transactions for 2014 Financial Statement & Cash Flows.

    Ernst & Yt.oung will audit the Al Sahl group  balance Sheet & not limited to financial and services but as consultant required in the group.

    As part of growing, now that Ernst & Young entered into business, the company will more broaden its proactively and respond to the needs by rendering a wide range of high-quality professional business commensurate with SG collective abilities, representing true value in relation to cost.

  • Al Sahl Group has been transferred to new building as Head Office located at Al-ghiran, Tripoli, Libya.

    During the opening ceremony, CEO, Vice Chairman, affiliates companies of the group and fellow staffs of SG were present in the occasion. CEO expressed his gratitude for another advance development for the company. Congratulating every ladies  and gentlemen of the organization for another break through and success of the company.

    In the same event, CEO addressed good thought and distributes the certificate to successful employees/staff that fulfilled the Master Training Programs.

    Buffet was served with souvenirs photos to complete the occasion.


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