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Spinneys - Libya

Spinneys-Libya was established on 6th March 2014, based in Tripoli-Libya and signed a franchise ,Management agreements with SPINNEYS HOLDINGS LIMITED, a company incorporated in the Cayman Islands, Spinneys will manage shopping malls in the major Libyan cities such as Tripoli ,Benghazi, Misurata with plans to expand in other cities within the territory.

Arthur Rawdon Spinneys originally setup operations in the suburbs of Alexandria Egypt, to sell fresh produce and sweets to the affluent residents living nearby. The year was 1924 and at that time the retail environment was dominated by local merchants with no appreciation for an international shopping experience that included the highest quality products available including never before seen foreign brands from England. The small shop called Spinneys survived and succeeded by adhering to Mr. Spinneys’ formula of providing the highest quality fresh produce, grocery, and baked goods delivered to customers at a fair price in a fresh and friendly environment in which to shop.

Over time additional Spinneys supermarkets have opened in Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan and across the Gulf region. Spinneys survived the tumultuous times in the region through expansion and contraction and some eighty years later, Arthur Rawdon Spinneys original vision lives on. Today, Spinneys, the premium supermarket retailer in the Middle East, operates hypermarkets and supermarkets in Lebanon, Egypt, Qatar and Jordan and through a franchise agreement in Libya. Spinneys supermarkets will provide the highest quality produce, grocery, and baked goods at a fair price in a fresh and friendly environment recognized and sought after by customers.