Mashreq Oula

Mashreq Oula for Electrical Works and Renewable Energies

We are, "Mashreq Oula", a recently formed company in the Libyan local market but starting very strong with an ambitious plan to become one of the major players in the electrical equipment/material market. We belong to the AlSahl Group ( which is one of the most well established commercial/industrial groups in Libya.

We Mashreq Oula Co. We are a company specializing in the import of electrical products and accessories and the implementation of electrical projects

We have been putting a lot of effort and resources in forming this company and would like to team up with the best partners in the industry.

We have been working on an extensive market survey to acquire solid knowledge about the different needs in terms of quality, price and origin. Our local agents network are spread all over the country and ready to go into the market as soon as we provide them with the goods.