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Food House

Food House Importation & Distribution

The Food House is one of the trading and distribution company of SG found in 2011. The very logic behind in establishing this company by SG is to provide safe, healthy and nourishing food to the people of Libya.
It is dwelt with importation & distribution of FMCG product in local market with reputed brands as well our own brands.

Leading company in the field

The major portfolio of the products is baby food, beverages, dairy products, pasta, coffee, tea, canned sea foods and confectioneries.
All these products are of well known world brands from Swiss, Germany, Italy, Poland, Ceylon, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam.
Currently Food House has its own brands such as Al Baraka in tea, oil, cakes & confectioneries, pasta, rice and tuna. The coffee is on Food House brand.
Now Food House will launch its own brand in wheat flour and its value added products. As a part of the SG Group Food House strictly follows the group’s principles and its values in all activities.
Food House Importation & Distribution

A Libyan company located in the city of Tripoli is the leading company in the field processed food distribution and marketing. Its vision and objective is to adopt modern management in the all operations and adopt quality standards in all its activities, customer satisfaction and the most important assets of its work. It has several stores on the outskirts of the city of Tripoli and its fleet cars equipped to cover a large area of several regions and cities in Libya.







Food House  Importation &  Distribution