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Sahel Al Akhdar

Sahel Al Akhdar

Sahel Al Akhdar For Flour Mill & Animal Feed is producing high quality and thermal hygienized feed, and the company had been established in 2004 at Tripoli for the first plant, then Gasr Akhiar for the second branch and recently for the third plant in Benghazi. The feed factory is intended to cater for all kinds of animal feed industry in Libya, as well as North of Africa.

With future plans, the current production of all factories would reach 280,000 metric tons per year of different products including solid raw materials, with a potential to produce 380,000 mts. Plans are underway to increase the storage capacity from 2000 metric tons to 6000 metric tons. The company factories are located at vital locations in order to cover at least 50% market share in Benghazi by covering the eastern areas, and in Tripoli and Gasr Akhiar by covering the western areas.

Sahel plants are of state of the art feed mills with advanced technology selected from the best world manufactures and with fully computerized control systems which enable to produce all kinds and shapes of animal feed with different recipies to maintain and ensure highest standard of feed quality. We are determined to build a sound reputation for high quality feed by providing a rich diversity of animal feed of the best quality.

Each factory has its own quality control department serving under our quality assurance system. Each plant lab has the latest generation technology of laboratory instruments provided by the biggest laboratory suppliers with infra-red instruments which enable us to follow the most recent international procedures to test raw materials and feed within processing in 90 seconds, to ensure the products safety and right level of nutrients.

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Sahel Al Akhdar For Flour Mill & Animal Feed

Alsahl Al Akhdar For Flour Mill & Animal Feed

Each factory has its own production line which enables it to produce all animal feeds.

Those lines are:

• Pellet and crumble press line with capacity of 10 tph, 20 tph and 40 tph on
• Mash line
• Raw materials lines

And top line could produce the following feed types:

• Mash feed
• Crumble 4 mm feed
• Crumble 8 mm feed
• Pellet 4 mm feed
• Pellet 6 mm feed
• Pellet 8 mm feed


Sahel Al Akhdar For Flour Mill & Animal Feed