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Al Mamoura For Agricultural & Animal Investments

Al Mamoura poultry is an integrated poultry operation. Mamoura operates with Chick House Hatchery in Benghazi and commercial broilers farms both in Benghazi and Tripoli.
Mamoura has 14 commercial farms with the capacity of 45.000 birds each in Tripoli and 23 farms in Benghazi. Now this year the commercial farms will be increased to double the capacity.

All our poultry houses are environmentally controlled houses with the complete automated equipment’s of latest technology. At present all the birds produced in our commercial farms are marketed in the live local market.
All these farms are also under environmentally controlled poultry houses with cages & automated egg collection system. All eggs are consumed in the local market with our own brand and packing.

On feed front all our commercial farms both layers and broilers are taken care by our own sophisticated feed plants in Tripoli and Benghazi. On vertical integration front on broilers, the breeder projects and a slaughter house is under execution and will be in operation by 2014. The huge project is handled by a team of professional poultry people in all ranks.

Necessacity is the mother of invention. The establishing of Chick House Hatchery in Benghazi  was due to the necessacity of the growing demand of chicks, especially for the SG’s quality.

Accepting the farmer’s interest and demand the Chick House Hatchery in Benghazi was started in the year 2012.

The total production in this unit is consumed with in Benghazi and surrounding areas. As a member of the SG, this hatchery strictly follows the principles and values of the group in maintaining the hygiene, quality of the chicks by strictly following the HACCP & Safety rules.

It also offers veterinary services to his customers after sales which is one of the SG’s principles.

Green Hatchery

Green Hatchery is one of the hatcheries division of the vertical integration of poultry activities of SG. This unit was started in 2010.

The main activity of this unit is to produce quality day old chicks and deliver it to our farmers in and around Tripoli. The hatching eggs are sourced from the EU. The hatching equipments are one of the best in the world.

The total production capacity of this unit is 11 million hatching eggs per year. The total production of this unit is consumed in local farms as well in our own farms.

Green Hatchery in Tripoli is a modern facility which supplies enriched eggs from European suppliers  pass through the stages of enrichment in nurseries and modern mechanism which operates via PLC, in the atmosphere of sterilization, hygiene and follow-up immunization. The total annual production capacity is 8 million chicks per year.

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Al Mamoura For Agricultural & Animal Investments
As a policy and principle of SG, the hatchery was built with a modern technology with the higher production capacity and the current production capacity of this hatchery is 33 Million hatching eggs per year. The hatching eggs for this hatchery too sourced from the selected breeding farms from EU. The hatchery is maintained by a team of professional staffs and veterinarian.
Al Mamoura For Agricultural & Animal Investments